Voter Rights Don’t Translate Into Services In CA

While residents in Georgia struggle to vote, residents in California struggle to get good government services no matter who they vote for. That’s because service providers who are political donors to elected officials are often the customers being pleased. This is a list of supplier-donors to one member of the State Assembly in 2019–20:

Is it any wonder they are well served even when residents are not? Shareholders, employees and members of those corporations, unions and associations receive >$200 billion per year under agreements with the state and its subdivisions to provide government services. That’s why donations from them must be banned.* They are not the customers, and residents shouldn’t have to be donors to be well served by their governments.

*Not only does California permit political donations to legislators from suppliers but also residents are kept in the dark about those and other donations until it’s too late to act. That’s why California also needs immediate reporting of donations.

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Lecturer at Stanford University and president of Govern For California

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