PECG Takes Advantage Of The Recall

There are many things to detest about the recall but worst among them is special interests using the opportunity to improve bargaining positions. According to the SF Chronicle, a $250,000 donation has been made to the anti-recall campaign by PECG, a union representing engineers employed by the state whose current contract expires next year. Over the next year, PECG will bargain a new contract with the Executive Branch to which PECG just donated and then submitted for ratification to the Legislative Branch to which PECG is also a donor. In doing so, PECG is demonstrating to lawmakers it will always be there for them — if lawmakers are always there for PECG.

Corporations do the same. That’s why the State must ban donations from corporations, unions and associations whose shareholders, employees or members receive money under agreements with the State or its subdivisions.

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Lecturer at Stanford University and president of Govern For California

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