California = Progressive Talk, Regressive Walk

In a recent interview with the SF Chronicle, civil rights champion Rev. Amos Brown had this to say about San Francisco:

A week later the Chronicle reported that former PTA president Naomi Laguana moved her son out of SF schools because, as her husband put it: ”The district’s stated goal is to ‘foster highly engaged and joyful learners and support every student reaching his or her potential,’ but that’s not happening.”

California is ground zero for political hypocrisy. It’s not just a K-12 system that holds kids hostage, but also an unemployment insurance department that keeps desperate people waiting weeks for information the private sector could provide in hours, needless pay increases for already- richly-rewarded prison employees, tax increases that fund legacy employment costs rather than improve services, and more.

That’s what happens when political battlefields are ceded to special interests. Ours is a long war to take back that ground. We’ve built a lot of muscle since launching in 2011. It doesn’t take a lot of money — at $4 million per year in political donations*, the GFC Network is already the largest donor to members of the legislature — just a lot of persistence. Donate here, send your friends our way, and visit our office next time you’re in Sacramento.

David Crane

*Political donations are capped at $8,100 per chapter per year and $4,900 per legislator per election. Non-political donations towards staff salaries (not including me, I’m a volunteer), lobbyists, lawyers and other operating costs that run ~$1.2 million per year are not capped and also may be funded with appreciated securities.

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Lecturer at Stanford University and president of Govern For California